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Dear Church Family and Friends,
    The story is told of the first year after the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.  William Bradford called a meal in which invited each person to share five things they were thankful for.  He set five kernels of corn at each plate and in picking them up one at a time, each pilgrim would share.  Five things to be thankful for.  Can you do it?  Do you have five things that you know that God has done for you?  Are you thankful this thanksgiving?
    In Psalm 100, David gives us five direct commands to be thankful.  This is the only psalm that is subtitled, "A song of Thanksgiving.  "Shout! Worship! Come! Acknowledge! Enter!"  Shout with joy! Worship with gladness!
Come before Him singing! Acknowledge Him as God. Enter His gates with thanksgiving!  And why?  "For the Lord is good!"  God is good!  That is the bottom line for our being thankful.  God is good.
    Things don't always work out.  Health fails. Money is lost.  Family is gone.  But if we will remember, that through the pain on this earth, God is good, and He will bring us home someday, we can always find something to be thankful for.
    I hope you have a great meal and someone to eat it with on Thanksgiving Day.  Find time to shout, to worship, to come, to acknowledge, and to enter His gates with Thanksgiving and you will have more than five things to be thankful for.

Pastor Tim Mayne